Easy Payment Solutions

It pays to run your business with Easy Payment Solution.

From superfast payments to seamless integration – virtual queueing to instant insight – We helps businesses thrive.

Next-day delivery

Get your hands on Easy Payments the next working day. Open the box, get set up, and start taking fast payments , fast

Short-term contracts

Say goodbye to long-term commitments! With our minimum contact terms starting from one month, you'll never feel tethered down for years.

Data Security

With point to point encryption built into Easy Payments ,your customers' card data is always protected-and so is your income

All card types

Accept all major card types using contactless chip and Pin and megastripe-plus mobile payments like Apple play and Google play too

Do more with Easy Payment Solution

Superfast card payments

Serve more customers with Easy Payments – a card machine 80% faster than the industry standard.

Smart EPOS integration

Eliminate miskeying errors and clunky end-of-day cash-ups with seamless EPOS integration.


Virtual queues & bookings

Maximise hospitality efficiency and minimise no-shows with virtual queues & bookings.

Easy Payment Solution

The card machine we offer boasts both sleek design and powerful technology, making it versatile for use at the till, table, or on-the-go. Plus, you can expect to receive your funds in your bank account as soon as the next day, even on weekends and bank holidays.

Contactless      Applepay     Googlepay      Samsungpay

Contactless      Applepay 

   Googlepay      Samsungpay

The ultimate payments all-rounder

Take card payments 80% faster than the industry average with the Easy Payments.

Get your card takings from 10am the next day, even on weekends and bank holidays. For quick cashflow access.

Enjoy effortless integrated payments – Easy Payments seamlessly connects with over 600 major EPOS systems

Even if your Wi-Fi drops out, mobile data means you’re always ready to
take payments


Sync your transactions.

You can enjoy seamless integrated payments with our software that wirelessly connects your card machine to your EPOS in the cloud, providing a smooth experience and making end-of-day reporting easy.


Take faster payments.

Process your card transactions 80% faster than the industry average. Shorter queues make customers happier and result in more sales.


Enjoy instant insights.

Download the Dojo app or view it on your web browser and get transaction breakdowns and transfer notifications wherever, whenever. And with the app, PCI compliance takes a matter of minutes.

Google play        App store


Get paid, tomorrow.

Receive your earnings as soon as the next day, without any additional fees, even on weekends and bank holidays. We are the only payment provider in the UK that offers this service for free.

Your exit fees are on us.

If you are currently using another payment provider, we offer a service where we could cover your exit fees up to a maximum of £3,000, to help make the switch to our services smoother for you.

Need a hand with anything?

From remote tech assistance to account support, we’ve got your back seven days a week.

Card payment solutions that support your small business.

We understand that you work hard to earn your money, and that’s why we offer reliable and efficient payment solutions for small businesses. Our card machines are built to be robust, flexible, and secure, and are ready to accept contactless payments, as well as payments from Apple Pay and Google Pay. Whether you run a retail store, a restaurant, or any other type of business, we have a payment solution that can meet your needs. Our machines are also designed to be flexible, allowing you to switch between Wi-Fi and mobile SIM connectivity, so you’ll always be connected and ready to take payments.

Why accept card payments with Easy Payment Solution?

At Easy Payment, we understand the importance of cash flow for businesses to operate smoothly. That’s why we offer our customers their card takings at 10am the next day, even on weekends and bank holidays, and with no additional fees. Security is also our top priority. Our card machines are equipped with point-to-point encryption, which is one of the most secure standards, to ensure that your card data and income are protected. Our payment solutions are designed to fit any type of business, from retail stores to restaurants and beyond. By choosing Easy Payments, you’ll benefit from faster card transactions, easy access to your funds, and reliable customer service. And if you’re considering switching from another payment provider, we can help by paying your exit fees up to £3,000.

Take payments 80% faster than the industry average. Market research, conducted by Paymentsense in 2021.

*Subject to your annual card turnover. See FAQs for more information.