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Connect your card machine to your EPOS.

Discover integrated payments – for faster transactions and fewer mistakes.

Connect and conquer.

In business, connections are crucial. And integrated payments is no different. With cloud-based software, it effortlessly connects your card machine to your EPOS system. This means fewer mistakes when inputting transactions, resulting in smoother and faster payments.

And because the transaction amounts are securely passed between both devices, end-of-day reconciliations should always add up.

So you can conquer queues – and save time at the end of the day.



Set up in minutes.

Setting up the connection between your card machine and EPOS system is a quick and easy process that takes just a few minutes. We’ll provide you with the necessary integration details, and your EPOS provider can help you set up the connection either in person or remotely. That way, you’ll be ready to start making seamless transactions in no time.


Serve customers faster.

By connecting your card machine and EPOS system wirelessly in the cloud, you can avoid the need to enter the transaction amount twice. This results in faster payments, happier customers, and shorter queues for everyone involved.



Protect your profits.

By simply inputting the transaction amount into your EPOS, the payment will be transmitted directly to your card machine. This eliminates the need to enter the amount twice, which can save you up to £140 per month in lost revenue due to mistakes.


Cash up quicker.

With integrated payments, cashing up at the end of the day is a breeze. Since the payment is transmitted from one device to the other, cash and card takings are automatically added up. This saves you time and allows you to free up a third of your time for cashing up each day.

Two modes. Total flexibility.

Pay at Counter and Pay at Table modes offer ultimate flexibility – whether you take payments at the counter, the table, or both. So you can blitz through queues at the counter, or split the bill, or add gratuity at the table.

Pay at Table.

Ideal for bustling restaurants, Pay at Table means printing and splitting the bill and adding gratuity can all be done on your card machine. So no more pacing back and forth from the table to the till.

Pay at Counter.

Pay at Counter is great for businesses like shops, cafes and pubs – anywhere that takes payments at the till. The amount is automatically pushed from your EPOS to your card machine, so you can serve more customers faster.

Integrated payments. It’s simple.

Market-leading security

All our card machines come with point-to-point encryption. It’s the world’s best security, so you won’t have to worry about breaches.

Automatic software updates

Integrated payments updates automatically, so you’ll always get the latest features and improvements without any faff.

Scalable to your needs

You can connect as many card machines to as many EPOS systems as you like. It’s designed to fit into your business.

Uninterrupted payments

Switch to non-integrated mode in your settings if your EPOS system goes down. Then simply key in the transaction on your card machine.

No additional hardware

We’re partnered with all the leading EPOS providers, so there’s no need for any expensive additional hardware.

Seven-day tech support

We hope you’ll never need us. But if you do, our technical experts are here to help – seven days a week, 8am to 11pm.

Integrated payments has made running the restaurant an absolute joy. We’re able to turn tables fast and cash up at the end of the day even faster. Our staff love it!

Valerie, The White Swan pub

Get integrated payments.

Sign up now for faster transactions and fewer mistakes.

Get integrated payments.

Sign up now for faster transactions and fewer mistakes.


Integrated payments is software that connects your card machine to your EPOS in the cloud

If you’re a new customer, ask for integrated payments when you sign up. If you’re already a Easy Payments Solution customer, contact us on 0800 103 2787.

Once you’re signed up, we’ll send you your integration details. Your EPOS provider will then help you get connected either on-site or remotely.

Your card machine and EPOS are connected, so you don’t need to enter the transaction amount twice. The payment is quickly and securely pushed from one device to the other.

If you run a busy business that takes lots of payments every day or have a team of staff working at any one time, integrated payments could be right for you.

Save time and money with integrated payments.

Save up to £140 in written-off revenue each month.
Findings from 80 customers in February 2021: data represents the average customer, based on size of business and number of card machines; £16 margin of error at 95% confidence.

Free up a third of your time cashing up each day.
131 customers asked across two studies in 2019 and 2021: the saving was 3 minutes 55 seconds, equating to 34.9% of the time taken; margin of error of 22 seconds at 95% confidence.