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Hungry diners straight to your tables.

Increase your revenue and reduce no-shows with our all-in-one virtual queue and booking management system.

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Easy Payment now offers an all-in-one system for managing your restaurant flow, including walk-ins, queues, and bookings, all from the same platform. Plus, with our Reserve with Google integration, you can connect to even more potential diners.

Increased revenue

Make the most of your peak-time demand.

Quick setup

You can be up & running in 20 minutes or less.

Online bookings

Accept bookings through the app & Reserve with Google.

Wait time algorithm

Take the guesswork out of queue management.

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Fill in the form and we’ll give you a call to discuss how we can help you manage your walk-ins, reservations, or both.

Fill in the form and we’ll give you a call to discuss how we can help you manage your walk-ins, reservations, or both.

Manage peak demand.

Say goodbye to the chaos during peak hours and busy periods. With our service, customers can join the queue virtually via an app or as walk-ins and receive a text notification when their table is ready.

No shows, no more.

Customers who arrive on time for their table reservation are rewarded with a larger search radius, which means they can discover your restaurant from up to 5km away. This feature helps to encourage punctuality, with over 85% of customers arriving on time for their reservation.

Pack your place out.

Sure, not only can customers book a table directly from the app, but we also integrate with Reserve with Google. This means that more diners can discover and book your restaurant when searching for their next meal on Google Maps.


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Sign up today and enjoy a one-month free trial on us. If you like the way your tables are filling up, our friendly team can work with you to find a package that fits well with your Easy Payment account.

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"The impact was immediate with a significant like-for-like increase in sales. Customers are much happier and our staff bought in - win-win"

Ahmet CinAlp


You don’t necessarily need a physical queue with our virtual queues and bookings solution. By using our solution, you can gain exposure to over 500,000 existing users on our restaurant discovery app. Additionally, you can add walk-ins to a virtual waitlist using a customized QR code at the door, or accept reservations all through the same platform.

No extra equipment needed with Easy Payment! You can simply run our virtual queues & bookings system from your laptop or tablet.

Signing up for virtual queues & booking is quick and easy .

Our virtual queues & bookings are by no means just for big, busy places. Choose between the option to accept reservations, open a virtual queue, or accept both at the same time. Our solution also helps you maximise your staff’s efficiency – and it’s easy to use, so you don’t need a dedicated front-of-house to run it.